Monday, 6 May 2013

A Win and where would you go if money was no object................

So what did everyone do this weekend....I planned to do lots but best laid plans....

So on Saturday took Mr 'almost a teenager' and I have been informed that "MUM I'm 14 in 11 days time" so now he is "Mr 14 going on 40" and Mr "I miss out on everything' and Miss ' She who must be obeyed" to their various sports - footy for the boys and Net-Set-Go for the Princess.

Then sent the boys and suffering DH off to Adelaide, picking up my brother from Stockwell to watch the CROWS.  My BB and I share tickets for the season.  At the moment Mum and Dad are away so we have 4 tickets - good game from all accounts.

The Princess and I then headed up river to Berri; to the Plaza; to pick up some ordered goods from Target, the normal grocery shopping and then we had a bit of a hunt for the birthday boy.  Mr '14 going on 40' wants a 'Moon Chair' - Pappadum Chair to me and you, unfortunately to no avail. Then headed over to Renmark to try and catch up with the Quilting Shop that has re-opened in Lefty's Mall - but we were too late. So we stopped at Macca's for a coffee and dare I say it - I had my first macaroon.  Yes I know I'm strange - I've always been curious, been told they're easy but havent quite got there - and yes I get it now.  I LOVE meringue and pavlova so yep need to add these to my challenge list.

Yesterday got up, put on a slow cooker meal for tea and then started the weekly chores.  Cleaned the bathrooms, did the washing, changed 4 beds, changed the towels and the got ready for a 1pm visit from Di, who is doing the banner for the Waikerie Primary School Centenary.  This was fun; as we planned what we are going to do with the pictures the kids have completed; around the themes they were given.  Then finally I sat down and watched The Hobbit with the kids and later Les Miserables with suffering DH..
Some me time..YEAH

Didnt get much stitching done but have been knitting lately trying to get a scarf finished before we hit the snow, and off course what every I have the Princess wants one to.  Have to thank Better Homes and Gardens knitting specials
Dont you love the OWL knitting bag - $21 from Spotlight BARGAIN

Today I received a text message from one of my friends Anne n Bun about "If I cant win and least I know the winner...."   What I've won something - who what, let the hunt begin...and I found it... I was lucky enough to win a copy of Quiltmakers 100 Quilt Blocks mag courtesy of  Gail Pan.

How cool and how lucky am I.

So I have been reading a lot of blogs and everyone is getting ready to go away whether it is to America, to New Zealand, Hawaii anywhere really.

So my question to you all is - if money was no object - where would you go?  Would it be luxury, would it be a Quilt Show - America or mayby Tokyo....

Mmmmmm time to start saving I think.

Keep stitching



  1. Welcome to blogger :) ...sounds as if you had a hectic weekend !! I worked & the dishwasher broke so we had to handwash everything dishes trays domes & bases all 280 of them !! hard work & boring still its fixed now .... Where would I go if I won money Well I suppose over to see Whitney & Seth but quite honestly I like staying at home !! lol My husband want's to go on the Rhine Cruise so I suppose that would be it at least I could sit on the balcony :)

    1. Loving the cruise have to relax...and plenty of stitching time..