Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Some new arrivals

Just trying to keep updated with the stock that is arriving...
Had a great day on Sunday at Nays Place -
 I was a bit busy to sit n stitch but a few guest did manage to sit and sew -
 don't forget this is your time to simply sit n stitch -
be it one of your own projects or some of the small projects I have on hand. 
 Sometimes it's just nice to have a break from home and sit n stitch without putting on a load of washing, thinking about whats for tea etc etc.
Sit n Stitch or just browse through books and fabric catalogues

(coffee and tea available - chocolate always)
The latest stock to arrive include
Annie Downs About A Boy...About A Girl
$18 per mtr.
Boys panel front and back of folded bolt - 7 squares each row - repeat every 4 rows (approx. 60cm)
Girls panel front and back of folded bolt - 7 squares each row - repeat every 4 rows (approx. 60cm)
Co-ordinates - $18 per mtr
AD AABAAG 4, 5, Panel


AD AABAAG 6, 7, Panel

AD AABAAG 8, 9,10
AD AABAAG 10, 11 and12
And hopefully some links to Anni's free projects using these fabrics
I have also started stocking some more batiks - $18 per mtr

Some more kid prints - $18 per mtr

Great for teenagers with some solids added

Christmas Fabrics - $18 per mtr
Left Bank Tonals - $18 per mtr
And finally Crazy for Reds Collection $18 per mtr

And my Moda Solids are starting to resemble a rainbow $12 per mtr

If you would like to order any please email me -
I can invoice via Paypal, Bank Deposit or Credit Card payments
I do charge postage but will only charge you what I am charged.
Many Thanks for stopping by


Sunday, 18 January 2015

he he he do I say that its only 11 months till Christmas.......

Can anyone else believe that in 12 days time its the end of January ALREADY..
Somehow after a weeks training in Adelaide I managed to loose a week and was hoping against all hope that yesterday was only the 10th and not the 17th of January -
apparently I as wrong....
No 1 son about to start Yr 10 and get his licence in May, Middle son is about to turn 12 on Australia Day and is in his final year at Primary School, Miss 3 is in Yr 4 and still rules the roost.  We've now lived in Waikerie 8 years and its almost the longest time I have lived in one town, amazing how quickly time flies.
This year I made the resolution to finish some workshop projects - I may have a few starting from Australasian Quilt Convention in 2009 to Indulge in Stitches in 2014 - with lecturers from Anni Downs, Natalie Bird, Gloria Loughman, Braenda Gail, Gail Pan, Libby Richardson, Rosalie Quinlen, Melly Hurlseton (McNiece), Browyn Hayes from Red Brolly, Natalie Ross to name a few.
Block Keep from Indulge in Stitches 2014 designed  by Robyn at Country Hart

Pincushion from Indulge in Stitches designed by Bronwyn at Red Brolly
Haven't I been lucky - to attend a workshop is such a wonderful experience for all and to be honest my first time I had no idea of what to expect but no matter where I have gone I have meet some wonderful people, many whom I can now call friends.
Mind you have some more to do... (and this is only part of them)
This is only from last years Indulge in Stitches
Spent the afternoon in Nays Place - added some more shelves (gotta love a quick detour to Ikea after training last week) over 40 bolts of fabric arriving next week - slowly running out of room, I think that's a good thing.
Stay tuned for more fabric photos to be uploaded to facebook and pinterest.
Not sure if I showed you all but I did participate in Gnome Angels mug mat swap - I received a parcel from Trayce W from USA - complete with some chocolates (mm they went pretty quickly)
Think I shared a sneak peak of mine..
Cant wait to show you the fabric that I have coming in and yes it will mean rearranging 'Nays Place'
Keep Stitching

Sunday, 11 January 2015

First Project for 2015 Finished and anyone got any ideas what the weather is up to?

Was listening to the TV the other day whilst cooking tea and they were
 talking about what it take to change a habit, way of life etc -
 the magical number being 66 days...
( and depending on what era you are from - apparently it's not 42)
So this year I decided to take the challenge and do things for me in between working full-time, 3 children, a shift working husband, kids sports, and trying to get Nays Place up and running.
You know the normal things mums do but generally forget to add the 'for me' part into life - so no more collapsing after tea I now go into Nays Place and sew for an hour and am still opening on the weekends when possible - (check out my facebook page for opening times.)
So after being a closet stalker for 4 years I decided to take the plunge and challenge and join Chookyblues stitch-a-long I have watched these ladies challenge each other for many years, enjoyed the quilts and projects they have completed and even joined in secretly from the wings -  buying my own books and following some of the projects.
My 1st Challenge was met tonight....
Finish Anni Downs Hatched and Patched free pattern Christmas Wishes before the SAL Quilt pattern arrives... DONE

I used my leftover threads to complete the picture using DMC, Cottage Garden Threads and Silk colours a little "mishmashed" but I'm using my stash.  The 2 1/2" Squares are Moda Christmas Countdown pack that I have in the shop and decided it's a good as any...not sure if shop stock counts as my stash but I'm using it.......
Now to wait impatiently for the pattern to arrive -
thinking brights to take me outside my square but really not sure.
Admittedly the weather for the last couple of days has made it easy to stay inside and sew and not feel guilty about NOT doing the washing.
We've gone from 40+ degrees to cold wet and rainy, all within 10 days of each other. 
 Think these photos really show the extremes..
Land near Waikerie taking New Years Days
Then in the last 2 days we have had enough rain to help fill our new rainwater tank.  I love the colours on our gum trees when it rains - my kids call them Shrek trees....
Went for a quick drive to Burra today to collect No 2 & 3 - they have been at Orroroo doing Vac Swim with a friend and then another friend had them for a couple of days as both my hubby and I were working and we decided that we need an excuse to go out for lunch.
If you haven't been you simply must try La Pecora Nera (the Black Sheep) at Burra....its YUMMY
Even my steak and 3 veg hubby managed to know back Pasta Beef Rangu and a Affagato for dessert.
And the crazy weather continued - No 2 needed a stop and this is us waiting for him at 3pm and yes that's fog not rain.....
Off to Adelaide tomorrow for a quick catch-up with relies and then some training for work. 
 Mum and Dad are coming to look after the kids as hubby on night shift - tell me what did I do when they were both working - so glad they have retired.
Getting excited for the next round of Cottage Gardens Thread Club to come out - I think I have managed to order some more will let you know this week...
This is me flying on New Years Day (that's me on the left) with my friends Nic - she knows I'm petrified of heights and I'm still not sure how she talked me into going flying in a little 2 seater Savannah plane but I would put me life in her hands without any hesitation and I can honestly say its magical up there...
And flying over our place
Thanks again
and keep stitching

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

SAL with Chookyblue and Susan with Anni Downs Natures Journey Quilt

So I've taken the plunge
and after following Chookyblue and now her trusty helper Susan   for many years on the SAL blog
 I have decided to join this year with Anni Downs new quilt 'Natures Journey".
To get us warmed us Anni has a free Christmas Stitchery to download on her blog.
I have decided that I will use what I have and that wonderful pile of 'threads' I am now trying to untangle and use up - before we get started.
This could be challenging as it will be a block a week
this will be my challenge to myself
and force me to make time for myself and sit and sew
I mean seriously how often do we do this for ourselves
when we are mums, work full-time and on various committees
(as we tend to find ourselves on when you have kids who are involved in different sports etc)
So it's the 6th Jan and I have started......
That's better than  nothing.....
Take Care and Keep Stitching

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Cottage Garden Threads Collectors Club 2015

Cottage Garden Threads Collectors Club 2015

The first round of the Cottage Garden Threads Collectors Club
 is finishing soon with the last posting expected within the next week.

Katie and her mum Pam are launching the second year of the club and it commences
 in February 2015.

Pam and Katie have listed to your feedback and this year there have been a couple of changes.

 It is a new program for 2015 with a whole new range of threads to collect.

Every month you will still receive four different threads (valued at $26.40), and  a stitchery pattern that will be part of a progressive sampler that showcases the threads used with a variety of stitches as well - a great way to extend your stitching knowledge.

The monthly patterns are designed by Australian designers will have a vintage sewing theme which at the end of the 12 months will all combine to make a quilt - at this stage I do now know size or fabric requirements for the quilt.

All of the stitchery and sampler designs will come with coloured pictures as well to assist in your stitching.

 The cost per month is normally $26.40 - Nays Place price is just $22 per month for residents of Australia - if you are international please enquire for postage cost.

 Please remember that it is a 12 month commitment - starting Feb 2015

For payment options I am able to charge your credit card monthly, will accept personal cheque or bank deposit or paypal invoice charge

Nov 2014 Design from Helen Stubbings of Hugs n Kisses

I have 4 places left for the round 2 - if you are interested please contact me via or
via facebook message

Many Thanks