Thursday, 29 October 2015

More new Arrivals - it's like Christmas every day

As it starts to get hotter and the kids start counting down to Christmas 8 weeks according to them - that's right 8 weeks TOMORROW

I start thinking about all the plans and task lists I have made during the year - what I have achieved and crossed off and what's still outstanding......

And the main one finish QUILTS - I have a week off in November and that is exactly what I intend to do finish quilts - this includes my 2nd every quilt that all it needs is the binding (I just have to find where I've put it) and the families Christmas Presents from 2 years ago where I presented everyone with their quilt top and then took it back 2 days later.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this ;)

On the other hand Nays Place is bursting at the seams with fabric arriving weekly and I'm loving it. 

Le Marais by French General 

Prairie by Corey Yoder

Bloom by DashWood Studios

Plus more wide backs 

The bottom two are white but I'm not sure how to photograph them to make it easier to show the print - I'm going to try my hand at dying some of these. 

All new arrivals are still only $18 per metre the wide backs are $22 per metre but please be warned this will go up on 2016 to $20 per metre and $24 respectfully - as the new arrivals are costing me more to buy in courtesy of the Aussie Dollar dropping. 

I also am receiving new patterns from Gail Pan and One Day in May by Melissa Grant some fantastic Australian Designers. They have some lovely patterns.

In December I will be having a Christmas themed sales with kits patterns and fabric and some of the new arrivals will be included. 

Stay tuned,

Keep stitching,


Sunday, 25 October 2015

New Arrivals and Bella Solids

Loving the new arrivals

Mon Ami by Basic Grey -$18 per metre

And adding more solids to my Rainbow Wall - reminds me of summer and Gelati

I now stock 39 different Bella Solid colours and there are lots more on order

The air conditioner is on and I think I am in the best spot today at Nays Place

Another hot day - the air conditioner is on and the sale continues

It's a total fire ban today as we are forecast for 36 degrees.
So glad Nays Place has heating and cooling - 
Happy to remind you that the $10 per metre sale continues as I really need to make room for the new season arrivals this will end next weekend Nov 1st. 
And you should see the new stock arriving it's yummy
These are just some of the fabrics I have out for $10 per metre - end of bolts, last seasons fabrics

Some new arrivals 

Had fun driving home last night where I had to do a sudden stop as a friendly echidna run across the road in front of me - he off course went and hid I off course grabbed my camera

Have fun and keep stitching

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sale finishes end of October, loving the new arrivals and a reminder I am closed this Sunday the 18th Sept

My sale has been fun and I have met a lot of new people - sending items to Ireland,  Ipswich, Jamestown, Maitland and everywhere in-between.  I have decided to keep many of my $10 specials going for the month of October - these will be available on my big cartel store - with the new Summer season stock arriving I need to make more room.

Absolutely loving the new arrivals - first unpacked is Mon Ani by Basic Grey
All fabrics $18 per metre - whilst the Australian dollar is dropping the cost of fabrics have risen - will try and keep prices low but as they are costing me more eventually will have to increase prices.

I also stock over 25 Bella Solid colours and have included these in the sale.

Just a reminder I am closed this Sunday the 18th October as we are away this weekend.  The online shop is never closed as a I have mentioned if you get overcharged for the postage I will refund the difference- undercharged and I wear the difference.

Thanks for dropping by


Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sale continues and a new $10 per metre area always on sale

Trying to keep things updating and have totally forgotten the blog ladies my apologies

I have decided to continue the sale today till 6pm specials are still loaded online and via Facebook

I have also decided that I will always have a $10 per metre area for those end of bolts, super specials that can pick up and those fabrics that I have had just to darn long. Always updating online store.

Unpacking more fabric that came a bit late for the sale - open today from 2-6pm  I will be closed next Sunday the 18th as we will be away -

Thanks and keep stitching


Sunday, 4 October 2015

All systems go for my first Nays Place SALE

The countdown is on 5 1/2 hours till my first Nays Place sale - over 150 bolts and end of bolts on sale for $10 per metre, pre cuts including Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs, Fat Quarters bundles  all reduced to cost, pattetns from $8, books from $18.  Christmas is less than 3 months great time to get in and purchase.

Today (Sunday) and tomorrow (Monday) from 2pm -6pm - my Nays Place store at Big Cartel will also be showing shop specials - minimum cut 20cm. Sorry not everything willbe only only the bolts and some pre-cuts.  If you buy online I have tried to reduce the postage costs as well - if you are overcharged I will refund the extra if undercharged I will wear the costs.

I will also have fleecy  knits, kids cottons, other fabrics and vintage all on sale (not online) from $5 per pice or bundle.

Hope to see you here at

Nays Place

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Missing in Action but I have lots to share and Nays Place 1st SALE

Winter is coming to a close and we are heading into Summer - its forecast for 38 degrees C here on Saturday that's 100F for the overseas visitors in USA

As winter finished so did one lot of sport before we start with the summer sports.  Waikerie was lucky enough to have 4 teams in the local Aussie Rules Riverland Region Grand Finals, 7 teams in the Riverlands Hockeys Grand Finals and 1 team in the Riverland Netball Grand Finals - for a small country town where tradition still upholds that most things revolve around sports that is a phenomenal effort - we only have a population of approximately 3500 plus surroundings possibly 6000 people.  Most weekends see us travelling anywhere between 40kms to 180km (24 miles to 112 miles) for sport.  We walked away with 4 Premierships flags across all sports - Well Done us....

The kids are growing rapidly, the eldest now has his Learners permit, the middle starts high school in 4 months and the youngest is about to hit double digits - they are all growing so quickly sometimes so fast you miss the changes and wonder if they were every really kids.

Now Summer is coming and I get to slow down a little - I have managed to spend time on my garden and time getting Nays Place more stock yeah!!!.

Some new labels from Lilla Lotta just

After 4 years I have got my fruit tree orchard growing and my vegie patch planted and I'm having fun and cant wait to start picking produce - not sure that the kids have enjoyed it - being school holidays I have made them work.

Nays Place is open most Sundays - the only time I have closed is due to family occasions or when I have been sick.  I have been increasing my suppliers and are about to start ordering from some new suppliers - including Kaffe Fassett fabrics towards the end if the the brightness of his fabrics.

Saturday I will be at the Waikerie Markets with odds n sodds - no fabric bolts as these will be ready for the sale........DID I MENTION IM HAVING A SALE

So to kick start my Spring into Summer campaign - this long weekend I am having my first Sale.

Sunday 4th and Mon 5th October from 2PM - 6PM both days I will be having my sale.  

Over 100 bolts and end of bolts for $10 per metre, selected widebacks $15 per metre, Jelly Rolls $38 each, Fat Quarter bundles from $40, patterns from $8.

I will also have a lot of dressmaking fabric for $3-5 each piece - this includes fleecy, kids cottons and vintage fabrics.

There is a video of the fabrics on my facebook page, pinterest and instagram page

Visa and Mastercard facilities available as well as Cash accepted off course 

I will try and update the Facebook page as I go as well as the Big Cartel shop

Have been unpacking more and more stock - living the dream

A little bit of sewing

Thanks for dropping in and stay tuned for more

Keep Stitching


PS - did you know its only 84 days till Christmas and dont forget in Australia daylight savings starts this weekend