Thursday, 29 October 2015

More new Arrivals - it's like Christmas every day

As it starts to get hotter and the kids start counting down to Christmas 8 weeks according to them - that's right 8 weeks TOMORROW

I start thinking about all the plans and task lists I have made during the year - what I have achieved and crossed off and what's still outstanding......

And the main one finish QUILTS - I have a week off in November and that is exactly what I intend to do finish quilts - this includes my 2nd every quilt that all it needs is the binding (I just have to find where I've put it) and the families Christmas Presents from 2 years ago where I presented everyone with their quilt top and then took it back 2 days later.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this ;)

On the other hand Nays Place is bursting at the seams with fabric arriving weekly and I'm loving it. 

Le Marais by French General 

Prairie by Corey Yoder

Bloom by DashWood Studios

Plus more wide backs 

The bottom two are white but I'm not sure how to photograph them to make it easier to show the print - I'm going to try my hand at dying some of these. 

All new arrivals are still only $18 per metre the wide backs are $22 per metre but please be warned this will go up on 2016 to $20 per metre and $24 respectfully - as the new arrivals are costing me more to buy in courtesy of the Aussie Dollar dropping. 

I also am receiving new patterns from Gail Pan and One Day in May by Melissa Grant some fantastic Australian Designers. They have some lovely patterns.

In December I will be having a Christmas themed sales with kits patterns and fabric and some of the new arrivals will be included. 

Stay tuned,

Keep stitching,


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