Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sale finishes end of October, loving the new arrivals and a reminder I am closed this Sunday the 18th Sept

My sale has been fun and I have met a lot of new people - sending items to Ireland,  Ipswich, Jamestown, Maitland and everywhere in-between.  I have decided to keep many of my $10 specials going for the month of October - these will be available on my big cartel store - with the new Summer season stock arriving I need to make more room.

Absolutely loving the new arrivals - first unpacked is Mon Ani by Basic Grey
All fabrics $18 per metre - whilst the Australian dollar is dropping the cost of fabrics have risen - will try and keep prices low but as they are costing me more eventually will have to increase prices.

I also stock over 25 Bella Solid colours and have included these in the sale.

Just a reminder I am closed this Sunday the 18th October as we are away this weekend.  The online shop is never closed as a I have mentioned if you get overcharged for the postage I will refund the difference- undercharged and I wear the difference.

Thanks for dropping by


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