Monday, 9 September 2013

WOW - did you know its only 106 days to Christmas I mean REALLY!!!!

106 Days to Christmas - is it just me or is time simply flying past

Seriously I think this guy is secretly enjoying our lives...I know that as the kids are getting older and Mum's taxi is coming in to good use but I seem to find less and less time to get out to Nays Place - so I asking how do you all manage it.....
and some lovely people keep telling me that it only gets busier....

I have managed a few things ......
bought myself a Thermomix and have had lots of fun using it - though if Mr '14 going on 40' keeps making the old fashioned icecream I going to end up the size of a house.
(Not much left from his first attempt)

Not a cheap investment but if I can get 30 mins back every night I have figured its an extra 2 -3 hours a week to do other things then very worth it....
(Getting ready to make Butter Chicken - 20 mins from this to serving YUM)

Havent done much sewing but have been very busy on other things.

Have been trying to organise my wool and projects have stumbled on this tips from a friend and it is working wonders including the lovely wool I picked up from the Bendigo Woolen Mills.  I have been ready about the Woolen Mills from Corrie at Retro Mummy for years and was so glad I made the family detour for 200km to visit this wonderful shop.  

(Wool Projects neatly organised)

We were also lucky enough to celebrate Miss 'She who must be obeyed' First Communion -  a great day surrounded by friends and family.  We managed to get both lots of Grandparents there - my MIL first visit since my FIL passed away in June - hopefully its the start of many.
I managed to get the little miss into a dress and do her hair without to many screaming matches AND she managed to stay clean all day  (  :) insert happy dance here) 
(looking gorgeous)

Perhaps the best memory I have is this photo Miss 'She who must be obeyed' and her friend dancing in front of the church afterwards - so footloose and fancy free - to be like this again.

So with only 106 days to Christmas how is the sewing going - 
every year I make a commitment to make some presents 
and every year you will find me Christmas Eve frantically trying to finish everything.

Though am going on a very special weekend with Gail Pan and Leanne Beasley and their Christmas Weekend at the Novotel Glen Waverly 

This summer the kids are only doing Little Athletics Friday night and Cricket Saturday morning so I have penciled in Sunday afternoons for sewing - TIME FOR ME....

so if anyone would like a place to go sewing on a Sunday afternoon starting Sunday Oct 20th from 2pm - 5pm the coffee pot will be on and there are always chocolates in the fridge.

The quilting frame is set up - if you want to have a play just let me know your coming. 

Keep Stitching


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Sad loss, a start, and some help needed

 A long time between post,

Unfortunately my Father in law passed away earlier this month - he had been fighting a tough battle with cancer but he no longer had the energy or body to fight with.  I been involved with this family for 20 years and Warren was a wonderful man who called a spade a spade, would give his right arm to help you if your needed help, loved his family and enjoyed a red and chocolate or two.

So many people are effected by Cancer whether it be Breast, Prostate, Bowel, Pancreatic, Bone or Emphysema, mother, father, brother, sister, cousin or friend.  I have plenty of exposure with my dad being diagnosed with Breast Cancer 17 years ago and having a mastectomy, then Prostate Cancer to follow on and my mother being diagnosed with Breast Cancer 3 years ago, as well as my Father-in-law.   Yesterday Shane Crawford cycled through the town on his way from Melbourne to Perth, lets hope he can raise as much money as he can to help more research to try and find a cure for this disease.

A lovely day celebrating Warrens life and as a symbol of goodbye we gave each person that attended a small bag of sunflowers seeds - these were Warrens favourite - to plant in memorial.  Hopefully next year there are sunflowers everywhere, including our place as we have a leftover 25kg bag of sunflower seeds. ;)

So home again and I am still thinking of hexagons.  I so loved Natalie Bird's Quilt that we did at Robyn's Country Hart  retreat.  (see previous post).  I have always wanted to do a Grandmother Flowers Quilt I have an idea in my head but really don't know where to start.

So what do I do instead - start another project - this time crochet.  So I am still doing hexagons, must thank my mum for helping me by picking up the wool at Spotlight.  We only had to substitute one colour but have started.  Mum got me extra of the beige marle so I had added extra flowers in plain to make the rug bigger.  The pattern is from the Better Homes and Gardens June edition.

(only another 98 to go plus 100 plain ones - not that I'm counting) 

So I have this idea to make a quilt in shades of red and cream but ladies (and gentlemen) I need help - is this one of those quilts that is better in scraps, tones of colours or do you think red and cream with work????

Love the French General range and they have the yummiest of reds.......
End of school is coming up soon - 1 week to go and then school holidays.  We are heading off for a family holiday with a group of 23 friends, then on to Melbourne to visit DH's sisters.  Oh and I might have to extend the holiday in Melbourne as I happened to find out that the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair is on whilst I'm there......sssshh don't tell DH

Keep Stitching,


PS Anne and I are off to Melbourne to join Gail Pan and Leanne Beasley in a Christmas workshop in November - birthdays presents for ourselves.  Aren't they the best.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Indulge in Stitches, Natalie Bird, Libby Richardson, Country Hart, time with Mum and I hate being sick.....

Last weekend saw Mum and myself drive ourselves to the Novotel at Rowland Flat (the Barossa) to the "Indulge in Stitches" weekend put on by Robyn Welsh from Country Hart in Port Pirie - 
 this is the 3rd that I have been to and my mum's first.  

Mum was exactly like me the first time I went to a weekend away - I'm not good enough, 
I don't know enough about quilting (mum has started quilting - yet),
I wont know anyone there and the excuses keep rolling on.  Guess what she survived!
I will post photos of my projects and purchases once I buy new batteries for the camera.

I have been to a workshop with Natalie Bird before - at Tricia's at Almond Grove - 
Natalie along with Anni Downs from Hatched and Patched
it was to be Tricia's last and I knew that mum would enjoy the stitching.

Robyn normally has them at her shop but having moved recently to Alexander St Port Pirie
 she doesn't have the room until the shop next door is vacant.

Natalie Robyn and Libby

10:30 saw us roll up, parked out front and then we were meet by Robyn and her daughter Abbi with morning tea.  A coffee machine to work out and some lovely food and then it was time to settle in.
One project each from Natalie and Libby with another 2 on Sunday.

Natalie Bird Saturday Project

Hexagons - I mean seriously - I have always wanted to do these but never tried - looked to hard - 
wow was I wrong...helped with the templates...
the table of 7 ladies had decided to start with hexagons as Libby had to get to 4 tables and we didn't want to sit around waiting, it was also mentioned that nobody had done them before so we were all starting something new.  So after a few false starts and Natalie coming to help we all managed to get out a flower or two (I will post my projects in the various stages of finishes once I get new batteries for my camera as they died today after taking the Princesses photo).  Now I can see why these things are addictive and easily portable - and yes I love my sewline glue stick.  

We had 1/2" hexagons to deal with some crazy ladies even attempted the 1/4" hexagons - OMG - these are tiny and one lady even fussy cut rose buds for them...I mean seriously....check out Linda Whites "Dear Prudence" Quilt to see the size of these amazingly small hexagons -  Dear Prudence

Libby Richardson's Saturday project

So after much harassment from two on our table - Libby came across late in the afternoon 
( we were suppose to be first thing Sunday but oh well no pleasing everyone).  
Mum was SO EXCITED about this as she has a few projects at home that she wants to stitch that has painted backgrounds.   
This was so much fun and surprisingly very easy - mum was impressed as she believes that she can't draw, can't paint so was keen to see how she would go, and she finished her drawing - not the stitching but the painting and it looks great.

Natalie's Sunday Projects

Punch Needle - something that I was introduced to by Anni Downs and seriously I had forgotten how much fun it was.  It must be addictive as I stayed up (whilst completing the washing Monday night) to finish it - finished the bird on the weekend and now the house. 
 Bought the kit to make the bag - will show you the finished project - very cute.  
Now have so many ideas going through my head - any stitchery/applique design can be done as punch needle.  

Libby's Sunday Projects

A cute wall-hanging - almost finished the stitching but not quite.

So can say the accommodation at the Novotel is pretty good, the food was amazing and if you went hungry then you only have yourself to blame. 
 I know Robyn and the hotel had a few complaints - that's sad -
 I know a lot of hard work and time goes into these weekends so it must be disappointing when
 some people (two in fact) find a way to complain about EVERYTHING - 
when even Mum says they're B______S you know its bad. 

Came home to three kids, one husband, one father (thanks for kid-sitting Grumpy), a house full of washing and still sick kids.  Mr 14 going on 40 has had glandular fever and an infected ear drum for a week now, Mr "I miss out on everything" and She who must be obeyed had already had their fair share of a viral infection. 

Thought I had escaped it but no Tuesday night I got hit by a "Mack Truck" - went to pick up No 2 from Karate and felt dizzy and started shivering uncontrollably - went home and crawled into bed and 3 hours later with 2 hot water bottles I started to warm up.  

Wednesday couldn't talk, couldn't swallow as someone had chucked a trailer full of glass down there, felt crap and probably looked like it.  Spent the next 3 days in bed - sleeping - dragged myself to the Dr's and yep guess who got Glandular fever and Tonsillitis - so a few days off.  Normally a bonus just not at the moment with 2 new staff returning from their training on Thursday - great welcome really.

Woke up Saturday morning and realised that I could swallow WOW  took the kids to Berri for No 1's footy game - his first hint of activity for 2 weeks, went shopping and came home and laid on the couch for the next 5 hours - didn't expect to get that wiped out - perhaps this really does knock it out of you.

Today stayed quiet - finished my beanie to match my scarf, knitted some more of Princesses scarf, cooked a yummy meat pie for tea and dessert was some lovely Raspberry, Blueberry and Nutella turnovers YUM.  Managed to sit through one of Princesses performances - they're getting longer and more ab-libed.  

She who must be obeyed "Performance"

Back to work on Tuesday. 

Take Care and keep stitching,


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A Girls Weekend - absolute BLISS....

So what does a girl do on a girls weekend....nothing...

Arrived at Burra Bakehouse 7pm Friday and didn't leave the building till Sunday 12 noon. (other than a small sojourn across the road to ask for a couple of lemons for the Baked Raspberry Cheesecake)

Talking, Eating, Talking, Drinking, Talking, Sleeping, Talking, Solving the problems off the world and our own worlds, Talking and just having fun.  We try and do this once a year - we all have 3 kids, work, have husbands who at times just dont get us and this is our chance to just go blah...have people listen and understand and say nothing or everything back.

I'm so lucky to be able to do this - DH had the kids although 'she who must be obeyed' had 2 sleepovers and a birthday party and the boys had footy and yes I came back to the washing, mess and no dinner but oh well.

Thanks to Nic and Sandra - 12 months had better go quickly.

We were lucky enough to have lunch at La Pecora Nera, great food, cheap prices and lots of food.  
Managed to catch up with good friend Paula who lives nearby for coffee and cake (gelati)

Last night 'She who must be obeyed' reminded me that her class was going to the Loxton Historical Village.  She had given me a notice last term but who knows where that ended (oops found it today at work on my desk) so LOVE the fact that Nay's Place is fully stocked with lots of fabric and manged to whip this up. 
Not bad even if I do say myself - pattern what pattern. 

This weekend mum and I are off to Robyns from Country Harts Inspired Stitches Weekend.   
A weekend with Natalie Bird and Libby Richardson at the Novotel Barossa Valley. 
 Cant wait -
 Mum has never been to a weekend before so I am introducing her to all
 the 'secret womens business

Will post photos this weekend.

Keep Stitching


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Dont you just love parcels in the mail..

Oohh a large envelope arrived for me today...have been a bit naughty lately and was anxious to see what had arrived.

Thanks to Leeanne from Lizze the Quilter these arrived for me today to add to my library.

Dont you just love the hexagons - am seriously thinking that will have to be next.  I already have the 1" hexagon templates but just have to jump out my comfort zone and just go for it.

Waikerie held it's 20th Rock n Roll festival this last weekend.  I try when I can to decorate the branch to support the local events and this time was awarded 1st prize for my efforts.  A lovely basket full of goodies to share with the staff some Illalangi products - they have a shopfront on the highway with local wine, oil, cheeses, choc's and other locally made and South Aussie made products.  Yum and they do gift baskets to.

Best go a week full of meetings and Waikerie and Caudo's Vineyards are hosting a True Grit  this weekend. Congratulations to the 4000 competitors that are coming to our town and WELCOME.

Keep stitching 


Monday, 6 May 2013

A Win and where would you go if money was no object................

So what did everyone do this weekend....I planned to do lots but best laid plans....

So on Saturday took Mr 'almost a teenager' and I have been informed that "MUM I'm 14 in 11 days time" so now he is "Mr 14 going on 40" and Mr "I miss out on everything' and Miss ' She who must be obeyed" to their various sports - footy for the boys and Net-Set-Go for the Princess.

Then sent the boys and suffering DH off to Adelaide, picking up my brother from Stockwell to watch the CROWS.  My BB and I share tickets for the season.  At the moment Mum and Dad are away so we have 4 tickets - good game from all accounts.

The Princess and I then headed up river to Berri; to the Plaza; to pick up some ordered goods from Target, the normal grocery shopping and then we had a bit of a hunt for the birthday boy.  Mr '14 going on 40' wants a 'Moon Chair' - Pappadum Chair to me and you, unfortunately to no avail. Then headed over to Renmark to try and catch up with the Quilting Shop that has re-opened in Lefty's Mall - but we were too late. So we stopped at Macca's for a coffee and dare I say it - I had my first macaroon.  Yes I know I'm strange - I've always been curious, been told they're easy but havent quite got there - and yes I get it now.  I LOVE meringue and pavlova so yep need to add these to my challenge list.

Yesterday got up, put on a slow cooker meal for tea and then started the weekly chores.  Cleaned the bathrooms, did the washing, changed 4 beds, changed the towels and the got ready for a 1pm visit from Di, who is doing the banner for the Waikerie Primary School Centenary.  This was fun; as we planned what we are going to do with the pictures the kids have completed; around the themes they were given.  Then finally I sat down and watched The Hobbit with the kids and later Les Miserables with suffering DH..
Some me time..YEAH

Didnt get much stitching done but have been knitting lately trying to get a scarf finished before we hit the snow, and off course what every I have the Princess wants one to.  Have to thank Better Homes and Gardens knitting specials
Dont you love the OWL knitting bag - $21 from Spotlight BARGAIN

Today I received a text message from one of my friends Anne n Bun about "If I cant win and least I know the winner...."   What I've won something - who what, let the hunt begin...and I found it... I was lucky enough to win a copy of Quiltmakers 100 Quilt Blocks mag courtesy of  Gail Pan.

How cool and how lucky am I.

So I have been reading a lot of blogs and everyone is getting ready to go away whether it is to America, to New Zealand, Hawaii anywhere really.

So my question to you all is - if money was no object - where would you go?  Would it be luxury, would it be a Quilt Show - America or mayby Tokyo....

Mmmmmm time to start saving I think.

Keep stitching


Sunday, 28 April 2013

Nays Place - A new blog, new start and some fun and games.......

Hi to all after some lengthy problems with typepad I have made the switch to blogger - there is another Nays Place out there so I have also had a change of name - but it is still me - still disorganised, still slightly cuddly and still lining my shed walls with fabric, fabric and more fabric.

The dream is getting closer and I am stocking items to open soon - only on weekends to start with but you are always welcomed to come and sew you dont need to buy.

A quick update on whats been happening to me lately as it has been a very long time since I have been able to blog.

So 5 quilt tops made for Christmas and now I just have to make time to quilt them - oops wheres my magic quilting fairy

I have spent a lot of time reading other blogs and my favourites include Granny LozGail Pan designs and check out Gails new book, Linda from Gum Valley Patchwork and she has her book "Dear Prudence" finally published all about her incredible quilt.

A challenge from Anne and Bun; her and I have the same kit from Lisa at Dyed and Gone to Heaven Dyed and Gone to Heaven called Aurora so before Anne arrives home from her latest trip we have to have them complete - photos to follow later.

So a quick trip to Adelaide for Anzac Day as Dear Husband marched again - the marchers are getting fewer -  a lot more signs with no-one behind them but the crowd is getting bigger which is fantastic.

 We spend some time in Adelaide waiting for Nigel to finish "catching" up with his friends.  The kids and I explored - keep finding inspirations everywhere I look.

A tile in a wall corner of Gawler Place and North Terrace

Inside the SA Museum

The kids and I had fun in Rundle Mall with the bronze pigs - Sarah cannot recall seeing them how long has it been since we were in Adelaide.

Back home to work Friday and then back to Adelaide for my cousins 30th - here she is with her cake and beautiful daughter - can you guess what Kaylee is after 

So off to church this morning - Children's mass and the kids are reading and being altar serving.  Then maybe just maybe I will be able to sneak off to Nays Place after....more projects planned for this year.

Waikerie Primary School is 100 years old this year and we have celebrations planned for August - I am helping put together a banner - all the older classrooms have designed a square with a theme and we are getting the younger classrooms to stamp the kids hands to border the banner.  Loving this project but can see some busy times ahead.

Take Care
Keep Stitching