Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Sad loss, a start, and some help needed

 A long time between post,

Unfortunately my Father in law passed away earlier this month - he had been fighting a tough battle with cancer but he no longer had the energy or body to fight with.  I been involved with this family for 20 years and Warren was a wonderful man who called a spade a spade, would give his right arm to help you if your needed help, loved his family and enjoyed a red and chocolate or two.

So many people are effected by Cancer whether it be Breast, Prostate, Bowel, Pancreatic, Bone or Emphysema, mother, father, brother, sister, cousin or friend.  I have plenty of exposure with my dad being diagnosed with Breast Cancer 17 years ago and having a mastectomy, then Prostate Cancer to follow on and my mother being diagnosed with Breast Cancer 3 years ago, as well as my Father-in-law.   Yesterday Shane Crawford cycled through the town on his way from Melbourne to Perth, lets hope he can raise as much money as he can to help more research to try and find a cure for this disease.

A lovely day celebrating Warrens life and as a symbol of goodbye we gave each person that attended a small bag of sunflowers seeds - these were Warrens favourite - to plant in memorial.  Hopefully next year there are sunflowers everywhere, including our place as we have a leftover 25kg bag of sunflower seeds. ;)

So home again and I am still thinking of hexagons.  I so loved Natalie Bird's Quilt that we did at Robyn's Country Hart  retreat.  (see previous post).  I have always wanted to do a Grandmother Flowers Quilt I have an idea in my head but really don't know where to start.

So what do I do instead - start another project - this time crochet.  So I am still doing hexagons, must thank my mum for helping me by picking up the wool at Spotlight.  We only had to substitute one colour but have started.  Mum got me extra of the beige marle so I had added extra flowers in plain to make the rug bigger.  The pattern is from the Better Homes and Gardens June edition.

(only another 98 to go plus 100 plain ones - not that I'm counting)


So I have this idea to make a quilt in shades of red and cream but ladies (and gentlemen) I need help - is this one of those quilts that is better in scraps, tones of colours or do you think red and cream with work????

Love the French General range and they have the yummiest of reds.......
End of school is coming up soon - 1 week to go and then school holidays.  We are heading off for a family holiday with a group of 23 friends, then on to Melbourne to visit DH's sisters.  Oh and I might have to extend the holiday in Melbourne as I happened to find out that the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair is on whilst I'm there......sssshh don't tell DH

Keep Stitching,


PS Anne and I are off to Melbourne to join Gail Pan and Leanne Beasley in a Christmas workshop in November - birthdays presents for ourselves.  Aren't they the best.


  1. Sad news for your family Hope you get heaps of sunflowers growing what a fantastic way to remember someone... love the crochet hexies ... think a hexagon quilt would be great in reds & cream :)

    1. Thanks Claire, sad but the best thing as it wasn't going well. Thanks looking for some French General fabrics as we speak.