Sunday, 29 June 2014

I know its winter but seriously we have to find some warmth somewhere...

As winter hints most of Australia,
with record snow falls I've stoked up the fire and have tried to get some sewing done.
Mr 'I miss out on everything' was lucky enough to invited to a friends birthday party
 Aussie style sleepover in swags surrounding a big fire
A late night, big fire, cool evening but apparently they were all asleep before midnight and up by 7 - mmmm wonder why he tired and grouchy now.
(setting up the swags before it got dark)
Our quilting group Waikerie Piecemakers hold a "Quilt Fest No Stress" weekend each year -
two days - 20 hours of stress free sewing - pooled tea - lots of yummies and a chance to do your own thing, bring in your ufo's to sit sew and maybe get them finished.
This year Nay's Place sponsored a Charity Challenge Quilt - I have spoken about it previously
We managed to get the tops pieced together - final borders, peepers and the we need time to sandwich - quilt - bindings and we're done.
We made the decision this year to donate to local charities - everyone who completed a block could choose - winners have been drawn and we hope to present later in the year.
Don't they look great
(we're calling this cookies and cream)

(and the Red Quilt for obvious reasons)
I was very pleased with the results I think they look great.  Was feeling very pleased and then to cap it off on the ferry coming home saw this rainbow - love rainbows - this was a double
(the second to the left which you can just see)
Off to finish some tassels on my hexagon crochet rug
Keep sewing - even in this cold weather


Monday, 23 June 2014

Winter has finally arrived and some sewing done - FINALLY

As winter hits and today we are being hammered with wind, rain and its so cold
 (well for us here in the Riverland anyway)
After my terrible effort of getting anything done during my holidays I have made a concerted effort to get into Nays Place Sunday afternoons. 
Fingers crossed - managed to get out there this Sunday and had some sewing time FINALLY!!
First thing - our local group Waikerie Piecemakers is doing some charity quilts this year - Nays Place supplied the fabric - found some great block patterns, selected 17 of them ranging from easy, medium and hard - with this on hand we supplied every member with 1 main fabric (the floral) and 4 coordinating fabrics 3 patterns to choose from. 
 The main challenge use the fabrics supplied and do one (or 2 or 3) blocks form the patterns supplied
This was extremely hard for me as anyone that knows me knows that I don't have a particular fondness for purple but there seems to be a large percentage  of ladies in the group that like it. 
 I challenged myself to make sure the focus fabric had purple in it and just cause I never follow instructions made it so you had to follow instructions. 
Don't look to closely - I handed out all the precut fabrics so have made my blocks with everyone's leftover fabric - and I have to admit I haven't really done block piecing before.
Everyone that has completed a block get to select a local charity that we will donate it to - we've had such an overwhelming response I think we actually will get 2 quilts made.
Then as you would know I'm a 'mums taxi' on weekends with kids sports.  I have already made a blanket using our old flannelette pj's cut into strips which I then had a practice run at the 'Jelly Roll Races' quilt but wanted a quilt that I could put on the ground but it still be cuddly.
Then I happened across this

Then was looking for more info and found so many images on pinterest -
for an idea that has been going round and round in my head for a rag rug using the pile of denim jeans I have (HAD) just wanting to be mended etc etc and the leftover flannelette pj's
so I now have this pile ready to go - haven't used wadding as I think the denim is heavy enough - will be done in the 'quilt as you go' method.
So my plan is to sew around the circles about 1-2cm in  from the pinked edge then sew them together as per above - sew them down and then 'rag cut' the  edges.
As it is denim underneath I was going to play with having denim thread in the bobbin and do some free hand designs in the middle of some of the blocks.
Who knows will see what happens and where it takes me as I'm going -
 have cut 60 blocks so far - the template - my embroidery hoop (what else) -
 found some more pj's so will be cutting more this week at night time 

Another finished project I have completed is this scarf -

Looks harder that what is was - using variegated wool - free pattern on Ravelry - entrelac scarf - My wool was a different weight and instead of 400gms I only used approx. 150gm as I didn't make it quite as long as I don't like them long.
Stay tuned
Keep sewing

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Ann Kelle Aurifil and Robert Kaufman Giveaway - last hourds to enter

Ann Kelle Aurifil and Robert Kaufman Giveaway

This is not by Nays Place
 but too good a deal not to post for others
You can’t help but smile when you see Ann Kelle designs! They are always so bright and cheerful, whether it is fun geometrics in Remix or friendly animals in Urban Zoologie or all the kids in Girl Friends.
Ann Kelle’s happy colours are now available in Aurifil thread boxes, all carefully coordinated to match her fabric collections. Available in both the large box, including 12 spools (1,422 yds each) of Aurifil 50wt. cotton thread, and the small box, including 10 spools (220 yds. each) of 50 wt. thread.
Heart quilt HiRes_small
So much happiness in one box! But the team at Aurifil doesn’t want to just show you the colours, they want to give them to you. And we want to give you some fabrics to try it out with!
Would you like to win your very own box of Ann Kelle threads from Aurifil PLUS a stack of Remix fat eighths? Here’s your chance, by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below. Entries accepted until Monday, June 16 at midnight EST. Winner will be announced on or about , June 18.
There are many options to enter this giveaway through Rafflecopter!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Holidays over what next

So 2 weeks ago I had lots of plans,
 tasks to get finished
 and an idea of what I had to have finished
before I went back to work on Tuesday.
And how much did I achieve - almost nothing - seriously how did I get it so wrong. 
So lets recall the plan
2 weeks off - 1st week no husband at home - get stuck into all the 'household' jobs
 and then the 2nd week to start sewing....
mm great plan - didn't happen.
First day - got hubby ready to go with his family to scatter his dad's ashes over on the West Coast of South Australia - its been 12months since he has passed - not been easy at times and we all miss him (you all know how we feel)
Second Day - no hubby-kids at school - what did I do - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
 - spent the day simply relaxing, had a haircut, watched chic flicks -
felt guilty but goodness it was wonderful.
Third Day - went into the Princesses classroom and took a small group of cooks for a cooking session - today we made pancakes YUM - just in time for recess.  I don't get to help much during term so was only to happy to help when I can - a mix of boys and girls - it was great to hear all of them say that they have cooked before.  Then headed up river to help out a new staff member with some training that was troubling her - then spent 2 hrs shopping by myself.  AHHH PURE LUXURY
Fourth Day - OK so today I started with the housework - cleaning kids rooms etc etc
Fifth Day - Student Free Day for all the kids - so 3 kids at home - plans to go to Adelaide as my brother was flying out to Brazil tonight to realise a dream and go to the World Cup.  So the kids made a sign, decorated it and off we went - a quick trip to a few shops - meet DH at IKEA for dinner and some essential pickups and then on to the airport - it was great to surprise my  brother - he had no idea YEAH
The funniest thing about this photo - didn't realise how tall Mr I'm now 15 is getting.
Then it was the long weekend - DH and I tackled Mr 'I want to do everything' and the Princesses bedrooms - aarrrgghh and at 7pm we had had enough - almost there but not quite - now we just have to do some robe shopping or make them ourselves but in my mind I need to organise their rooms and anyone that knows me will know how funny that is because I was definitely not the neatest of kids but I don't think I was every that bad.
Sunday and the day of rest - I headed to Nays Place.  Had some lovely visitors in the morning - Michelle and Sandra came to check out Nays Place and almost 3 hours later they left - no sewing, quick cuppa and lots of talking later - it was fun.  The afternoon was spent doing more in Nays Place with a few phone calls for some orders.  Sorting out Grandma's fabric to try and work out what I am going to do with it all and decide do I actually want it or am I just keeping it because it was Grandma's
Monday and the start of another week - and I spent the day with the kids - watching movies, cooking just a fun family day and somehow I'm on to my second week and what have I done - not much.
Tuesday - todays the day - I decided that I had to finish at least one project - Last year I started on the BH&G crochet rug from their June 2013 issue.  I was asked if I could help people with knitting and crochet - I would love to - I'm not brilliant but know enough to get people started.
So I started crocheting lots of hexagons together - not finished yet but getting close - totally stuffed up the pattern was suppose to be rows of 8 and 9 - and I managed to do 9 & 10 - so not as square but more to wrap around you.
From the June 2013 issue
And my almost finished rug and yes I know I have some blocks together.

So how did I mange to go about this - well after laying them on the floor so many times in the end I just grabbed a pile and started crocheting them together - they are suppose to be sewn together but I was being lazy- but in the end I just grabbed a pile sewed them together and then put row upon row - 2 rows to go and then another row of cream ones to finish and the tassel's and them I'm finished.
Then on to Wednesday - another cooking session with the Princesses class - another group of kids and chocolate crackles this week.  We had promised Mr 15 almost driving a new bed - when I came in one day to find his size 11 feet hanging over the edge of his single bed  I decided that perhaps we should be upsizing - dragged him to the guest room and asked him to lay down on the double bed and yep that's ok until he turned over and those toes are still over the edge so queen size it is and what did he want a padded bedhead - why - cause I'm always leaning my pillow on the wall and I've seen how you can make them on all those reno shows - doesn't look that hard - unfortunately to buy the foam and fabric I was looking at a trip to Adelaide so instead went to a local shop - they had a sale and found one perfect for a growing lad.  Then DH and I made a bed base that will withstand a tornado and any amount of jumping shouldn't harm it.
Day 2 and it's messy already - should have guessed and yes he's waiting for his quilt to be finished ;)
Thursday a catch up with a friend for lunch and a quick trip to Lyrup/Paring to pick up some chooks from the Glenview Poultry farm -  6 hens have come home with me - I was a bit concerned their combs were very pale but guessed they probably got cold on the trip home.
It was a bit sad to see them come out of the cage I bought them home in - watch them spread their wings and all bar 1 overbalanced.  They really didn't know what to do - kept them in the a smaller area of our chook house for the first night then let them out the next day into the actual run - had to carry them out - cant imagine what life these hens have lead.  The cats have also been investigating and the chooks don't seem fazed by them at all - one bonus about being caged hens they are ok with people - the kids are picking them up all ok.
3 days later and we have eggs - not in the nesting boxes but in the straw -
we found 7 eggs today
yeah thanks hens

Saturday saw us head to Adelaide for my Uncles 50th - my mum's the oldest of 8 and he is the youngest - he was 3 when Mum and Dad got married, so it has always kept me amused being his niece and only 5 years younger.  We went to the Rezz Hotel at Newton  - great food, great company and a fantastic night - drove into the driveway at 2am this morning.

Sunday quiet day, nanny nap in the afternoon and finished the washing.

Tuesday back to work - oh well - some new products arrived during the week so will post some products during the week - check out this page or my facebook page
Keep Stitching
Catch up again soon 


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Hello and guess who is on holidays - ME - WOO HOO

So its day 2 of my holidays and what am I doing - my blog - YEAH -
after a promise to some Brooky Girls to keep my blog updated regularly
(and yes Alison M I'm talking about you ;) ) 
So what do you do when you're on holidays and the kids are at school and the hubby is not around
well it goes a little like this
Day 1 - ... still in jammies at 10:30 am (does that set the scene)
help hubby with unblocking and cleaning the flue of the wood heater
lunch, facebook, coffee, facebook, coffee, pay some bills and then
start the challenge - finish as many UFO's as possible in the next 2 weeks
finally sewing all those hexagons together
BUT first
Day 2 - hair cut, clean some kids rooms (aarrgghhh) and then back to the UFO's
How about you - what are you doing today?
On Nays Place front my shipment from Gail Pan arrived and I know Red Brolly is arriving soon
Simply Christmas RRP $18.00 NPP $16.00

Stitching Makes my Heart Happy Sewing Thread Holder RRP $10.00 NPP $9.00

Meadowlark Quilt RRP$14.00 NPP $12.50

A Stitch in Time RRP $10.00 NPP $9.00

Little Bird Sewing Set RRP$14.00 NPP $12.50
Love Christmas RRP $14.00 NPP $12.50

Believe in the Magic RRP $14.00 NPP $12.50

Alphabet Home Table Runner RRP $14.00 NPP $12.50

Peace, Love & Hope RRP $14.00 NPP $12.50

Sampler in Blue RRP $14.00 NPP $12.50
I have also ordered Gails book Patchwork loves Embroidery but it is on backorder - stay tuned for more holiday updates
Keep sewing - I'm off for a haircut...