Sunday, 29 June 2014

I know its winter but seriously we have to find some warmth somewhere...

As winter hints most of Australia,
with record snow falls I've stoked up the fire and have tried to get some sewing done.
Mr 'I miss out on everything' was lucky enough to invited to a friends birthday party
 Aussie style sleepover in swags surrounding a big fire
A late night, big fire, cool evening but apparently they were all asleep before midnight and up by 7 - mmmm wonder why he tired and grouchy now.
(setting up the swags before it got dark)
Our quilting group Waikerie Piecemakers hold a "Quilt Fest No Stress" weekend each year -
two days - 20 hours of stress free sewing - pooled tea - lots of yummies and a chance to do your own thing, bring in your ufo's to sit sew and maybe get them finished.
This year Nay's Place sponsored a Charity Challenge Quilt - I have spoken about it previously
We managed to get the tops pieced together - final borders, peepers and the we need time to sandwich - quilt - bindings and we're done.
We made the decision this year to donate to local charities - everyone who completed a block could choose - winners have been drawn and we hope to present later in the year.
Don't they look great
(we're calling this cookies and cream)

(and the Red Quilt for obvious reasons)
I was very pleased with the results I think they look great.  Was feeling very pleased and then to cap it off on the ferry coming home saw this rainbow - love rainbows - this was a double
(the second to the left which you can just see)
Off to finish some tassels on my hexagon crochet rug
Keep sewing - even in this cold weather


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