Monday, 23 June 2014

Winter has finally arrived and some sewing done - FINALLY

As winter hits and today we are being hammered with wind, rain and its so cold
 (well for us here in the Riverland anyway)
After my terrible effort of getting anything done during my holidays I have made a concerted effort to get into Nays Place Sunday afternoons. 
Fingers crossed - managed to get out there this Sunday and had some sewing time FINALLY!!
First thing - our local group Waikerie Piecemakers is doing some charity quilts this year - Nays Place supplied the fabric - found some great block patterns, selected 17 of them ranging from easy, medium and hard - with this on hand we supplied every member with 1 main fabric (the floral) and 4 coordinating fabrics 3 patterns to choose from. 
 The main challenge use the fabrics supplied and do one (or 2 or 3) blocks form the patterns supplied
This was extremely hard for me as anyone that knows me knows that I don't have a particular fondness for purple but there seems to be a large percentage  of ladies in the group that like it. 
 I challenged myself to make sure the focus fabric had purple in it and just cause I never follow instructions made it so you had to follow instructions. 
Don't look to closely - I handed out all the precut fabrics so have made my blocks with everyone's leftover fabric - and I have to admit I haven't really done block piecing before.
Everyone that has completed a block get to select a local charity that we will donate it to - we've had such an overwhelming response I think we actually will get 2 quilts made.
Then as you would know I'm a 'mums taxi' on weekends with kids sports.  I have already made a blanket using our old flannelette pj's cut into strips which I then had a practice run at the 'Jelly Roll Races' quilt but wanted a quilt that I could put on the ground but it still be cuddly.
Then I happened across this

Then was looking for more info and found so many images on pinterest -
for an idea that has been going round and round in my head for a rag rug using the pile of denim jeans I have (HAD) just wanting to be mended etc etc and the leftover flannelette pj's
so I now have this pile ready to go - haven't used wadding as I think the denim is heavy enough - will be done in the 'quilt as you go' method.
So my plan is to sew around the circles about 1-2cm in  from the pinked edge then sew them together as per above - sew them down and then 'rag cut' the  edges.
As it is denim underneath I was going to play with having denim thread in the bobbin and do some free hand designs in the middle of some of the blocks.
Who knows will see what happens and where it takes me as I'm going -
 have cut 60 blocks so far - the template - my embroidery hoop (what else) -
 found some more pj's so will be cutting more this week at night time 

Another finished project I have completed is this scarf -

Looks harder that what is was - using variegated wool - free pattern on Ravelry - entrelac scarf - My wool was a different weight and instead of 400gms I only used approx. 150gm as I didn't make it quite as long as I don't like them long.
Stay tuned
Keep sewing

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