Sunday, 18 January 2015

he he he do I say that its only 11 months till Christmas.......

Can anyone else believe that in 12 days time its the end of January ALREADY..
Somehow after a weeks training in Adelaide I managed to loose a week and was hoping against all hope that yesterday was only the 10th and not the 17th of January -
apparently I as wrong....
No 1 son about to start Yr 10 and get his licence in May, Middle son is about to turn 12 on Australia Day and is in his final year at Primary School, Miss 3 is in Yr 4 and still rules the roost.  We've now lived in Waikerie 8 years and its almost the longest time I have lived in one town, amazing how quickly time flies.
This year I made the resolution to finish some workshop projects - I may have a few starting from Australasian Quilt Convention in 2009 to Indulge in Stitches in 2014 - with lecturers from Anni Downs, Natalie Bird, Gloria Loughman, Braenda Gail, Gail Pan, Libby Richardson, Rosalie Quinlen, Melly Hurlseton (McNiece), Browyn Hayes from Red Brolly, Natalie Ross to name a few.
Block Keep from Indulge in Stitches 2014 designed  by Robyn at Country Hart

Pincushion from Indulge in Stitches designed by Bronwyn at Red Brolly
Haven't I been lucky - to attend a workshop is such a wonderful experience for all and to be honest my first time I had no idea of what to expect but no matter where I have gone I have meet some wonderful people, many whom I can now call friends.
Mind you have some more to do... (and this is only part of them)
This is only from last years Indulge in Stitches
Spent the afternoon in Nays Place - added some more shelves (gotta love a quick detour to Ikea after training last week) over 40 bolts of fabric arriving next week - slowly running out of room, I think that's a good thing.
Stay tuned for more fabric photos to be uploaded to facebook and pinterest.
Not sure if I showed you all but I did participate in Gnome Angels mug mat swap - I received a parcel from Trayce W from USA - complete with some chocolates (mm they went pretty quickly)
Think I shared a sneak peak of mine..
Cant wait to show you the fabric that I have coming in and yes it will mean rearranging 'Nays Place'
Keep Stitching

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